hollow or solid organs

Abdomen - EB Medicine Abdominal injuries after MVCs can be conceptually broken into trauma affecting the solid organs, the hollow organs, the abdominal musculature and the.

Abdominal pain - Centegra Health System are solid organs and hollow organs, all of which can bleed or swell. Properly locating the pain can identify the organs involved, thus aiding you in prompt.

Abdominal pain - Ask Dr Wiki 26 Jan 2008 . The pain associated with obstruction of a hollow viscus (as opposed to peritoneal and solid organ pain) is often intermittent or "colicky",.

Percussion: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia 26 Jan 2017 . Lungs sound hollow on percussion because they are filled with air. Bones, joints, and solid organs such as the liver sound solid. The abdomen.

Overview of Abdominal Injuries - Injuries and Poisoning - MSD . Blunt injury may cause blood to collect inside the structure of a solid organ (for example, the liver) or in the wall of a hollow organ (such as the small intestine).

Chapter - Jones & Bartlett Learning 11 Sep 2012 . 7. Specific Abdominal Injuries. • May be classified as. – Solid organ. – Hollow organ. – Retroperitoneal organ. – Pelvic organ. – Vascular injury.

1 STN E-Library 2012 10_Abdominal Injuries - UC Davis Health . Injury to hollow organs such as the stomach and bowel presents a serious risk of . sound is elicited over abdominal solid organs or space filled with blood.

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