types of lumber trees in trinidad and tobago

The Forests (Amendment) Act, 1999 - Trinidad and Tobago… www.ttparliament.org/legislations/a1999-23.(a) all species of trees listed in the. Second Schedule whether standing, fallen, living or dead;. (b) lumber, bucked or peeled;. (c) logs; and. (d) all wood whether.

A Tale of Two Forests - The Trinidad and Tobago… 31 Aug 2012 . Trinidad and Tobago forest environment teak plantations Moruga Cat's Hill . been carved out of the forest which is maintained and logged for timber. . Several native tree species have managed to grow within the teak fields.

Species Profile: Ipê (Tabebuia spp.) | Rainforest… 15 Sep 2012 . The term ipê refers to seven different tree species within the genus . Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. . Ipê is a hard and resilient wood, often used in coastal environments.

Wood Industry Companies in Trinidad And… 10 results . Contact companies in the wood industry from Trinidad And Tobago. Thousands of exporters from Trinidad And Tobago, buyers and importers of wood.

commercial timbers of the Caribbean - Ediciones… edicionesdigitales.info/./caribbean.imbers.exhaustive check and verification of the common and scientific names and geographical distribution of ... Grenada, Trinidad, and Tobago in the Lesser An- tilles. Although Cuba .. onomic studies of tropical trees and woods may result in slight.

EuroChamTT | Geographic Location The geography of Trinidad, Tobago, and EurochamTT. . There are several categories of legally declared protected areas (PAs) in Trinidad and Tobago, . However, there is growing interest in forestry plantations of mixed hardwood trees such.

Trinidad & Tobago | The International… Trinidad and Tobago's strong tradition in forest management means that SFM has a . Most timber production derives from planted forests; the main species are teak . Individually licensed loggers are able to cut a specified number of trees or.

List of trees of the Caribbean - Wikipedia Prior to European settlement, the Caribbean was dominated by forested ecosystems. The insular Caribbean has been considered a biodiversity hotspot. Although species diversity is lower than on mainland systems, endemism is high. Species diversity is highest and endemism is lowest in Trinidad, which has a ... Review of endemic plants of Trinidad and Tobago.List of speciesNative species

FORESTS ACT rgd.legalaffairs.gov.tt/./lawsLAWS OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. Act. 42 of 1915 . Power to demand production of permit for Balata gum or timber. . (a) all species of trees listed in the Second Schedule whether . of forest produce along the coast of Trinidad or Tobago.

Detailed maps of tropical forest types are within reach:… fs.fed.us/./iitf/pubs/ja_iitf_2012_helmer001.26 Jun 2012 . for Trinidad and Tobago mapped with multiseason Landsat and multiseason .. plains variation in the composition of tropical forest tree species. (Chinea ... nant species that Beard mentions in addition to the timber species.

Islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean |… Trinidad and Tobago are the most southerly of the Caribbean's Lesser Antilles. . On Trinidad, the principal forest types are: tropical rain forest, semi-deciduous rain . There is a greater proportion of deciduous trees and fewer large trees. . In wildlife sanctuaries, including the Caroni Swamp, exploitation of timber was a.

Trinidad and Tobago - Food and Agriculture Organization… www.fao.org/./10919-06226e7c3.0b71c58f1126.The country of Trinidad and Tobago consists of two main islands and a . caribaea (Caribbean pine) and other pine species, and 2,100 .. of timber is derived from planted forests (Table 2). . Planted forest and trees outside the forest. The.

Statement by Minister Singh on the New Teak and Pine Policy… 6 May 2014 . . given that they have the capability to harvest the sizes of trees in clear felled . a clause will be included in the Timber Sales Agreement of.

Trinidad and Tobago plants - World Museum, Liverpool… Explore plants from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean in this collection . This tree belongs to the same family as Mahogany and its' timber is also used to . Platymiscium species are the only plants in the pea family (Fabaceae) with oppos.

Biodiversity - Ema ema.co.tt/docs/techServ/SOE/SOER97.Table 2.1 Main Timber Species Exploited in Trinidad and Tobago .. are also about 300 exotic species, including several tree species, introduced over the past.

Category:Trees of Trinidad and Tobago -… This category contains articles related to the native trees of Trinidad and Tobago. Taxa of the lowest rank are always included. Higher taxa are included only if.

Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary: Destination Trinidad and… This nature reserve is a sandy, forested island covered with evergreen hardwood trees inhabited by seven species of amphibian, 27 of reptile, 171 of bird and 59.

Podocarpus coriaceus - Useful Tropical Plants The tree is harvested from the wild for its useful timber, which is used locally and also exported . as 'Least Concern' in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(2011)[ . Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe,.

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